The German Wind Energy Association (BWE) booked our agency to give a lecture at their workshop on Wind energy as perceived by the media and the general public – How we face the challenges. In addition to the press officers from eight BWE regional associations, participants in the workshop, which took place on 15 January in Hanover, also included numerous representatives of wind farm developers.

In his 60-minute lecture, PR assistant Thomas Blumenhoven explained why wind energy is constantly receiving bad publicity. He clearly explained how one should specifically address local journalists and what disastrous consequences can occur when one leaves the field open to the anti-wind power lobby.

Proactive positioning instead of abject resignation

During the subsequent discussion, the participants talked about how they had tried to put across their arguments at meetings or via social media. Blumenhoven called on the participants not to give up, despite the consistent resistance, but to promote acceptance for wind energy projects through proactive and continuous press work at local level.

Krampitz Communications will pursue the issue further and present more practical tips at the 27th Wind Energy Days in November.