Thomas Blumenhoven

PR expert and social media manager

Thomas Blumenhoven can see the shift to renewable energy from his balcony. He hails from the “rebel city” of Wanlo (Mönchengladbach), which is regularly in the headlines for its resistance against biogas plants, wind farms and opencast mining. Next door to his house there are ten wind turbines, and behind them is where RWE mines brown coal. It is therefore hardly surprising that the social scientist has long been interested in energy issues.

Intermediary between journalists and businesses

His second special area of expertise is public relations. Since 2010, Blumenhoven has been responsible for press activities, Facebook and the website for his local social and charitable association. From 2013 to 2014 he was a freelance journalist for several regional newspapers.

Since he so enjoyed mediating between journalists and businesses, at university, Blumenhoven specialised in media and communication sciences, attaining a masters degree in political communication. He joined Krampitz Communications in 2014 where he looks after clients and journalists, manages social media campaigns and events, and manages the agency’s press distribution list.

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