Krampitz PR-Leitfaden

PR Handbook for New Energies

In our PR handbook we explain to CEOs, marketing and PR managers of biomass, solar and wind firms, how they should choose PR activities, find the right topics and the appropriate target media and draw up a timetable and action plan. Step by step we explain how to devise your own concept, put together a press distribution list and organise a press conference.

We consistently use examples from the renewable energy sector and provide the readers with industry-specific checklists – regardless of whether it’s about structuring a press release, the concept for a trade fair, the attention-grabbing introduction to a specialist article or the questions in an interview.

Extensive chapters of the 224-page work are dedicated to

  • The development and implementation of PR strategies and concepts 
  • Media activities and tools 
  • Internet marketing and social media
  • International PR
  • Crisis communication

What journalists say about the PR handbook:

„(…) From a journalist’s point of view, reading Section III, ‘Measures and Tools’, as well as IV, ‘Dealing with Journalists’ is highly recommended to PR or marketing managers, since in these sections the authors explain what is important in a press release or professional
article. The clearly structured PR handbook represents a very useful aid for all needs of
press and public relations. (…)“

ep Photovoltaik

„(…) The handbook is well structured and easy to read. It is not only recommended because it provides tips suitable for everyday use beyond PR (“Whatever happens: keep cool and improve if and where you have to”). In fact, its significant advantage is that people from the field have written it, those who are as familiar with the HUSUM WindEnergy and Interpellets trade fairs as they are with the professional press.“

Sonne Wind & Wärme

„(…) The texts are memorable, written in understandable language and prove that they were composed by genuine experts who know their material in the fields mentioned.“

planer + installateur

„(…) Overall this work from Iris Krampitz contains much truth and important information on public relations. For that reason, it is highly recommended – particularly for those who do PR on the side or who think that by practicing one can learn on one’s own.“


„(…) The book provides solid expertise for a crisis-ridden branch and explains how to set up appealing PR in no time using succinct examples with clearly structured checklists. (…)“

Die Solarteurin

“(…) Written in crisp, vivid English, this German publication is testament to the country’s
progressive performance in the green energy markets; this small-but-perfectly-formed
book is an important early entry on the subject, and should also be read by anyone looking
for a fresh perspective on public relations.”

Communication Director

“(…) Using clear language and many examples, Iris Krampitz and her team of authors describe how companies can find appropriate topics to be considered in trade journals, which appointments lend themselves best for a press conference or how a company can present itself in the new media. (…) Above all, the checklists, the boxes with tips and examples from the field make this guidebook a helpful instrument for those who deal with the press daily. (…)“

Pellets – Markt und Trends